Andy & Sheila Emerson

October 2, 2014

Dear Jay,

We would like to thank you for all your help with the purchase of our new Florida investment property.

In the early summer of 2014, we decided to evaluate purchasing an investment property in the Orlando area. As we live in Vermont, we started our search by using the Internet to locate Orlando properties and Realtors. We were not satisfied with this approach as the Realtors we contacted simply loaded us into a database and started sending emails of all new listings and did not respond to any of our questions.

Feeling frustrated, we decided we needed to schedule a trip to the Orlando area to continue our search. Prior to going to Orlando, we reached out to a co-worker who had purchased an investment property in the Orlando area for advice or tips and was given your name as a contact. We feel very fortunate to have been provided your name as you have experience and knowledge with investment properties, where the other Realtors we contacted were only familiar with selling residential properties.

We went to Orlando thinking we wanted to buy a Condo as we, a family of 3, have always rented Condos when we go on vacation. You showed us not only Condos, but also Town Homes and single family homes in resorts as well as in residential areas to help us understand what is available. You also hooked us up with a couple of property managers who helped us understand the short-term rental market in Orlando and helped us make the investment choice we feel best meets our goals.

The support you provided throughout our journey was more than we expected of a Realtor. You not only helped us find a home and get an amazing deal, you helped find a property management company, a lender, an interior decorator, as well as chased down open items required for closing. You saved us time and money by taking care of these things eliminating the need for us to make additional trips to Orlando.

We are looking forward to seeing how our investment property performs. The property management company already has bookings for our property and we only closed a week ago!

Thank you again Jay for all your help.