Advantage of Buying New Construction Homes Near Disney | Video Transcript

Advantage of Buying New Construction Homes Near Disney

Jay Wells:   

One of the advantages about buying new construction is it’s new. Everyone loves new. When you’re advertising your home on a website, or you’re telling your friends about it, however you’re advertising it to market your property, people love new. Not only that, everything is new. You have a new home, new furniture for the investor or the buyer that’s going to use the vacation home or not. They have the warranties that come along with it, like for instance, Lennar offers what I call a bumper to bumper warrantee. Anything that goes wrong on the home for the first year they take care of. All your appliances are 2 years, anything inside the wall is 2 years, your 10 year structural warrantee

You have all new appliances, all new washer and dryer, garage door openers, whatever you have in the house is new. You don’t have to worry about anything breaking down. Their warranties are exceptional, and again, even your furniture package, when you see it advertised on the website, you’re going to have all new furniture. There’s just major, major advantages of purchasing new, because everything’s new. Plus when you purchase a Lennar home, everything is very energy efficient. Let’s say you go buy a new home over at another resale community. Old windows, old hot water heaters, insulation, whatever.

It might be a 10 year old home. If you look into Lennar, and look how they’re building their homes, you’re going to save hundreds alone just on double pane windows, smart hot water heaters, the way they insulate their homes over and above code. There’s many, many, many advantages of purchasing a new construction home over a resale that if you purchase a resale may come back and bite you a few years down the road, where here, sure the home’s going to get older, but the home is built much, much better than a resale home that was even built 2, 3 years ago. If you’re interested in new construction, what I would do at that point is I would recommend to you the top 3 or 4 new construction communities that I feel are going to give you the best value, and I would send you all of the information for each individual community, and then of course I’m going to speak with you, we’re going to email back and forth.

I’m going to tell you the advantages of one community over the other, as far as location, amenities, and I’m going to do the same thing with resale properties, too. Whatever we choose, let’s say whatever your budget is, even if it’s a couple hundred thousand dollars, I’m going to find you the best community in that price range that’s going to offer you everything that you’re looking for as far as amenities, resale value, be it a gated community, in that price range.