Open House Checklist

Holding your house “open” is an excellent opportunity for potential buyers and/or their friends and family to view or re-view your house.

Because word of mouth can be an excellent resource for getting a house sold, it is important that we work together to put your house’s “best foot forward.” The following checklist will help us do just that.


  • Review everything you did to get your house’s exterior ready for sale and update as necessary
  • Remove all cars from the driveway
  • Make sure windows are clean and sparkling
  • Stow all garbage cans and visible pet supplies.


  1. Review everything you did to get your house’s interior ready for sale and update as necessary
  2. Make arrangements to board pets away for the day
  3. Tidy closets and kitchen cupboards
  4. Discard as many outdated items in the refrigerator as possible
  5. Secure all prescription medicines
  6. Clear all surfaces of everything but a few, simple decorative items
  7. Have professional cleaners in the morning of the open house
  8. Open all window shades and, weather-permitting, open windows
  9. Replace all burnt-out and low wattage light bulbs with high-wattage bulbs.

Need more tips on getting your home into tip-top shape for selling and holding open?

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