All Realtors Are Not created Equal

As home values continue to rise I have been able to assist several of my clients in selling their investment, vacation and residential homes and reinvesting in others.  We have seen a couple of my listings go under contract in 1 day and another in 8 days. Of course not every home is that easy to sell.  These two homes happened to be in very desirable communities, great floor plans, with updated furniture packages.  It does prove a point—which is if your home shows well and is priced correctly, it is likely to sell quickly in our current market.

The homes that look tired and need work are perfect opportunities for those of you looking to buy.  These homes allow for the biggest negotiating power since they have most likely been sitting on the market awhile.

Of course using a Realtor experienced in the buying and selling of investment, vacation and residential homes is key to assuring that your interests are protecting whether buying or selling. Unfortunately on occasion I receive a phone call too late in the game for me to be of any real assistance.  Case in point, I recently had a client who was convinced by a friend to use a neighborhood agent. This agent was supposed to be very knowledgeable in this particular community because he lived there. Long story short, my client was rushed into signing a contract and once committed, had no way to back out once they had second thoughts. The agent did not protect my client within the contract, so my clients were forced to close on this home or loose their substantial deposit. I tried to help but there was nothing I could do other than recommend they contact a costly real estate attorney.

My job as your agent is to make sure that when selling a home we negotiate the best deal for you, and when buying a home we again negotiate the best price under the terms you feel comfortable –all the while looking out for your best interests. As one of Orlando’s best investment home realtors, I can help you buy, sell, or rent out your vacation home near Disney. Give me a call at 407-492-5702 today.