One Stop Shop | Orlando Realtor | Investment Rental Homes

October 16, 2014

Many rental home investors in the Central Florida area live out of town, out of state, or even out of the country. Investors do not want to be concerned about routine maintenance being completed on their home while they’re away. They need an experienced Orlando real estate agent who is a complete One Stop Shop. […]

Remotely managing your vacation home | Orlando Investment Home Realtor

October 16, 2014

Investing in your dream vacation home in Orlando One of the advantages of purchasing a vacation home is that it is a true investment. When you purchase a home, you then use a management company to rent the home out during the year to families vacationing in the Orlando area. Why is purchasing better than simply […]

Saving money with an investment home realtor | Orlando Vacation Homes

October 16, 2014

Work with an experienced investment home realtor in Orlando One of the advantages of working with an experienced investment home realtor, rather than working directly with the builder, is the realtor will be able to save you more money on your new home. While the builder will offer some incentives and discounts, they will not […]

Short Term Rental Homes Near Disney | Orlando Investment Home Realtor

October 14, 2014

Short Term Rental Home Zoning There are specific zones in the Central Florida area where short term rental homes are allowable. All of these areas are around Disney and the major theme parks, with the exceptional of an area near the Orange County Convention Center. In order to be able to rent your home short term, […]