Saving money with an investment home realtor | Orlando Vacation Homes

October 16, 2014

Work with an experienced investment home realtor in Orlando

One of the advantages of working with an experienced investment home realtor, rather than working directly with the builder, is the realtor will be able to save you more money on your new home. While the builder will offer some incentives and discounts, they will not tell you everything!

I have worked with Lennar Homes for many years, so I knows which deals and incentives are available to my clients. I was able to save one client over $80,000 through HOA fees, closing costs, furniture vouchers, discounts, and upgrades.

I know what to ask for and how to negotiate deals with the builder, resulting in better prices for you on your new investment home. You can certainly work directly with the builder – but you won’t save nearly as much money as you will if you call me first!

If you’re interested in purchasing a vacation rental home near Disney, I can help. Call me at 407-492-5702 today.


One of the advantages of working with myself rather that going straight to the builder is the fact that I could save you money. The builder, they have incentives, they offer some discounts possibly on certain homes, but they’re not going to tell you everything. One of the great things about working with me is that I’ve with Lennar for many years so I’m very familiar with the company.

The last home I sold here I was able to save my client over $80,000. That included HOA fees paid for by the builder, closing costs, furniture vouchers, discounts, upgrades. A total of over $80,000. If they walked in the door and dealt with Lennar I don’t know how much they would have saved, but I can guarantee it would not have been $80,000 because I know what to ask for, I know what I’ve been able to get in the past and I go in and negotiate a deal like I was negotiating it for myself.

That’s a great advantage of using me because you’re going to save a lot of money. Again if you go to the builder, sure, you’re going to save a little bit but I can guarantee or promise you that you’re not going to save the amount of money that you’re going to save by using me as your realtor.