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October 16, 2014

Investing in your dream vacation home in Orlando

One of the advantages of purchasing a vacation home is that it is a true investment. When you purchase a home, you then use a management company to rent the home out during the year to families vacationing in the Orlando area.

Why is purchasing better than simply just renting for a few weeks out of the year? When you own the home, you can vacation to it any time during the year you choose. You simply need to let your management company know and they will block out those dates for you. But since you own the home, it becomes a true investment. When you’re not using the home, it will be rented out to other families – meaning you make money! Some rental homes, especially in the Disney area, practically pay for themselves through rentals.

The best part? Your vacation home is a turnkey operation. Your management company will be responsible for renting and maintaining the home while you aren’t using it. This is why working with me is a huge benefit – I can recommend the best management companies that will give you the peace of mind to know your vacation home is being taken care of while you’re away.

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One of the advantages of purchasing a vacation home in The Retreat in ChampionsGate is that it’s truly an investment vacation home, where you’re purchasing it as an investment, but you and your family can use it any time you want. Obviously, you’re purchasing it at whatever price it is, and you’re going to be renting it, using a management company to rent it when you’re not using the property, or you may purchase it and never use the property. That’s why it’s truly an investment vacation home.

Let’s say you purchase the home as an investment vacation home and you want to use it with you and your family 2, 3, 4, weeks out of the year. The great advantage about purchasing in The Retreat is that it’s really a turnkey operation, where you purchase it, the management company really comes in, takes over. At that point … I’m not saying you do nothing, but they really do everything for you.

If you’re 3000 miles away, you don’t have to worry about your home. If there’s any issues with the home, they take care of it. They line up all your renters. They book it. They send them out a welcome package. They take care of everything within the home. There’s really nothing that you have to do.

The only thing you have to do, if you’re going to use it, is let the management company know the weeks or days that you want to use it so he can block those dates out for you and your family. When you’re not using it, it’s going to be rented. Basically, the way the home is going to pay for itself, or possibly have some cash flow coming in on a monthly or yearly basis, is the rentals.