The Retreat at ChampionsGate | Video Transcript

The Retreat at ChampionsGate

Jay Wells:    

The Retreat in ChampionsGate is basically a single family vacation home community. They all range in order from 48 bedrooms. They are anywhere from about 2200 square feet to 3800 square feet and the cost is between 370 and 490 range. Absolutely beautiful homes.

The Oasis is the community center which is located right behind The Retreat and you have access to the three championship golf courses, shops, the Oasis amenity center which has restaurants, pools, spas, clubhouse, you name it, it has it. When you purchase in The Retreat, you have access to all of that.

One of the advantages of purchasing a vacation home in the Retreat at ChampionsGate is that you’re purchasing it as an investment, but you and your family can visit anytime you want. You’re purchasing it at whatever price it is and you’re going to be renting it using a management company to rent it when you’re not using the property. Or you may purchase it and never use the property. That’s why it’s truly an investment vacation home.

The great advantage about purchasing in The Retreat is that it’s really a turnkey operation where you purchase it, the management company really comes in, takes over.

If you’re 3000 miles away, you don’t have to worry about your home. If there is any issues with the home, they take care of it. The only thing you how to do if you’re going to use it is let the management company know the weeks or days that you want to use it so he can block those dates out for you and your family.

Basically, the way to get started if you’re interested in a vacation investment home is a few different ways. You can go on my website, fill out a form and contact me. You can email me directly. You can call me. Whichever way is best for you.