The Vistas at ChampionsGate | Video Transcript

The Vistas at ChampionsGate Resort Vacation Investment Homes

Jay Wells:

Lennar is launching a brand new community at Champions Gate called the Vistas, it’s an absolutely beautiful town home community with its own clubhouse, own amenities. I think price point’s going to be around $329-369. These homes are going to be about 1800 square feet to 2900 square feet. I believe they’re all 3-6 bedroom homes.

The amenities that are going to be included at the Vistas are going to be second to none and state of the art beautiful amenities. It’s going to be a wonderful, wonderful town home community. Really nothing like it around in the area.

The new Vistas are a part of ChampionsGate within the gates of ChampionsGate, and of course that includes three championship golf courses, all the amenities throughout the community, six tennis course, a stadium court, restaurant, bars, which is just truly a resort style community.

To be honest with you, you don’t really have to go anywhere. This community has everything that you could ask for. It’s a resort within a resort. I mean with the golf courses, the tennis courts, the volleyball, the Oasis. All of the other amenities; tiki bar, restaurants. I mean there’s nothing that this community does not have to offer. I mean there’s every amenity you could ask for is within ChampionsGate which makes it a very unique community, and that’s one of the reasons I’m so high on this community is because of the amenities that it has to offer.

One of the great advantages of purchasing in the Vistas is where the pricing is right now. Basically if you’re interested in the Vistas you’ll be able to lock in today’s prices regardless what they go up to six months or a year from now. The way you lock in a price is basically you have to get a contract. They’re going to ask for a certain amount of deposit. One of the great things about working with me is that there’s incentives that are going to come along with that that are going to be offered that again, Lennar may not tell you about, but I’m going to know about.

Where I can save you a ton of money is maybe there’ll be a certain amount towards closing costs or maybe HOA fees will be paid for a year or two or I’ll get a furniture voucher towards your furniture. There’s many things that I can go in and negotiate for your that you won’t even know that existed. If you’re interested in purchasing in the Vistas you can give me a call, you can shoot me an email, you can go on my website and you can fill out a form to contact me or if you’re in town you can call me.

Just keep in mind I have hundreds of buyers who have purchased from me sight unseen. Investors that have purchased homes from me without being here. If you are three thousand miles and you’re interested in purchasing in the Vistas or any other community I can guide you through the whole process, I can help you with management services, handyman services, furniture companies. Again, I call myself a one stop shop, and that’s what I am.