Short Term Rentals | Investment Vacation Homes | Video Transcript

Short Term Rentals | Investment Vacation Homes | Orlando Realtor

Jay Wells:

I have been involved in real estate for about 35 years now. The last 20 years I’ve really been specializing in short-term rental, vacation investment homes and that’s really what I’ve been concentrating on. I know the Orlando area very, very, very well and one of the reasons I really enjoy the vacation homes is that I love the fact that I have families or investors coming in from around the world that a lot of them will purchase the home. They’ll stay in it for two, three or four weeks out of the year and they’ll enjoy the home with their family, very close to Disney. I just feel I’m not only selling them a home but they get to enjoy it while they own it.

I can guide you through the whole process. I can help you with management services, handyman services, furniture companies and I call myself a one-stop shop and that’s what I am. One thing about short-term rental homes is there’s only certain areas that are zoned for short-term rental. All the areas are in the Disney area and there’s one other area by the Orange County Convention Center that’s only for short-term rental.

People think that they can purchase a home and rent it short term in a residential neighborhood but that’s not the case. It has to be zoned, licensed like a hotel, so there’s certain areas and that’s it.

One of the advantages of purchasing a vacation home is that it’s truly an investment vacation home where you’re purchasing it as an investment but you and your family can use it any time you want. You’re going to be renting it, using a management company to rent it when you’re not using the property or you may purchase it and never use the property. That’s why it’s truly an investment vacation home. It’s really a turnkey operation where you purchase it. The management company really comes in and takes over. They really do everything for you.

Here, 3,000 miles away, you don’t have to worry about your home. If there’s any issues with the home, they take care of it. They line up all your renters. They book it. They send them out a welcome package. They take care of everything within the home. There’s really nothing that you have to do. The only thing you have to do if you’re going to use it, is let the management company know the weeks or days that you want to use it so he can block those dates out for you and your family.

Basically the way the home is going to pay for itself or possibly have some cash flow coming in on a monthly or yearly basis is the rentals. Working with me, I can save you money. The last home I sold here, I was able to save my client over 80,000. That included HOA fees paid for by the builder, closing cost, furniture vouchers, discounts, upgrades, so if they walked in the door, I don’t know how much they would have saved but I can guarantee you it would not have been $80,000 because I know what to ask for.

I know what I’ve been able to get in the past and I go in and negotiate a deal like I was negotiating it for myself. That’s a great advantage of using me because you’re going to save a lot of money.

I love the fact that I work with a lot of families. I love the fact that families come to me, purchase an investment home that’s also their vacation home. I’m actually helping find a home near Disney that they can use for however many weeks out of the year they want and bring their families. Enjoy it while they’re here and then when they’re not here, rent it out and three, four or five years down the road, the home is worth a lot more than it was when they paid for it and they built quite a chunk of equity when it comes time for them to sell.